Welcome to Mantokuji!

Our Mission: Paia Mantokuji is a Soto Zen Buddhist temple founded in 1906 by Reverend Sokyo Ueoka and a community of Japanese immigrants. Our mission is to be a place of compassion, respect and kindness for all who seek truth through the teachings of Buddha, the practice of Zen meditation and arts, and the fellowship of the temple sangha.

Our Vision: Paia Manokuji’s short term vison is to stay in place in Paia, grow, develop and mitigate erosion if possible.

    Our Values:
  • Honor Traditions
  • Respect Ancestors
  • Embrace Inclusivity
  • Nurture Fellowship
  • Practice Compassionate Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation & Humility
  • Live the Dharma
  • Embody Buddhism